where we write it

Paralysis of depression


Timeline testifies.

Coping mechanism.

Checking for happiness.

Wasting time whispering

And less time thinking..

Less time thinking…

Less time thinking…


F–k you life!  Keep moving!  Why’ are you frozen.

Why is time blinking! Same memory, not sharing!

So ugly, and  joyless. can’t remember the last time laughing.

Can’t be happy;  not’ in need of psychiatry, to take my money.

I know myself more than any;  I lived with it quarter of a century.

Day after day walking an endeavouring soul inside me.


My mind is tired.. begging me to spend less time thinking,

Depressing echo of mine is begging me to stop talking…

I’m really sad,  Sanity check, let me stop rocking…

Dear sleep, take my awareness away,  for ever, not only the next day.


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