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He Wants The D , Give Him The Death Penalty!

People Budget Fix Rally July 30.2009 Stefanie Faucher 004

 pic source: Stefanie Faucher

This is not about killing the gays or their rights;  it’s about criminal psychopaths who are sentenced to death.

How many times did you hear the victim’s family say “It’s kind of a closure. but not a tear; I saw his face at the sentencing, he was plain, cold; had no expressions.  no guilt; evil it was like staring at the white devil. …etc ”   Well,   off course he had no expressions.   He’s a psychopath. He’s incapable of feeling any remorse or empathy.  He will actually go to his death sentence with a clear conscious thinking you all misjudged him and feeling the purest forms of utmost innocence and irreproachability.

If the convict was crying after his sentence and said ” give me the death penalty , I deserve it. It’s better than my life sentence…etc”  Then give him the D, He wants it!  He’s already punishing himself emotionally, so it will be more effective in terms of his psyche, guilt and conscious of regret when the victim’s family come to witness his death sentence.  Giving them a better closure is the best you can come to to achieve justice. 

I was punished as a kid for things beyond my awareness. I took punishments without explanations and I still remember how they felt, what I learned from them, and how I behaved afterword.   They filled me with anger and sadness but they were useless in terms of the punishment purpose.  Death sentences may not  fix anything even if it’s what you wanted to see. Matching the punishment to one’s awareness and realization is the reason we conduct trails and bring convicts to courts.

I’m not contradicting what I mentioned previously on my blog Ring Back What Makes Us Good or Evil?  I was discussing the scale or how big the punishment should be to someone’s realization/”will power” while here I’m discussing the type of punishment necessary to achieve something close to justice.  I’m not giving anyone any excuses and the scale of punishment is something matched by someone’s age and mental sanity; it’s not something to disagree about as that documentary tried to suggest.

In conclusion, talk to your kids and explain to them what they did wrong before punishing them.  Also, if you were ever in the position of a judge in any situation, choose the appropriate punishment. The world is filled with examples of implementations of wrong disciplines, jailing someone because he had pot to get him out belonging to gangs killing people and selling crack.  The past has happened, change the future.


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