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Vent To The Stars

Jealous of the shining stars in the galaxy;

A beaten comet with a tail of tears

How come no other star is lonely?

I see them all dancing with peers

No other where to say it but here. Wish the day passes by

Wish I just fall asleep. Unbreakable boring theme

Hands on cheeks; miserable sorry being

Unpleasantly clear; unworthy of belief

Kids having fun as if pleasure was real

Incessant extremes my soul should leave

Restless past, harrowing peace;

Abraded flashbacks, relentless fears

Compulsive erratic epileptic writings!  Anonymous dear!

In a public site for no one to read

Faking a smile trying to heal. 

Trying to dance with insides that bleed


Vents disattached in means

Dear life’s  missing piece

Filled in , signed with scars and sears

Tricks to keep my brain empty, while my heart secretly feels


I remember crying when you called me ugly.

Scratches burning under my cover sheet.

Nights lasting eternally, weeping for my unmet human needs.

Nights of solitude and misery.

Dear brain please remove my memory

I’m dying to let every abuse unveiled

Replace them with the days spent with me

Waiting a daystar turn into lunar beams

My time is slowing down, heartlessly

I’m back writing more, then wait nothing to receive

Light as our existence constant speed

Distant skies may eventually hear

 My comet’s prayers that an end is near


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