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Anguished Lullaby of Pain

escaping nightmares


These feelings are too ugly to write about.
These times are too awful to keep in memory

How dare I ask you to sleep.

Close yours eyes and wait.
I will sing you a lullaby of pain

Breathless weeping, vexatious faint

Firing neurons twitching brain

Lumping scorching jugular veins

Heart throbbing accelerated rate

Blaring headache itching ache

Contracted sight speech impaired

Cramped intestines muscle strain

Restless torment grueling drain

Piercing stillness stifling veil


Shivering help me,  shiv..shiverin.. Urgh!

No sound can be pleasant!

Food taste is so different!

Life is suddenly not the same

Time is passing. Hush my brain

Close your eyes harder. Stop blinking my friend

You’re not living forever. Stop thinking and wait

 Blood, tears and ink, will all dry when this ends.


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