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Self hate

because of_U_f

Racism, you made me hate my race.

Sexism, you made me hate being a male.

Hate what I didn’t choose and couldn’t change.

You live once, and I’m living with self hate.

Wish I could rip out my skin,

cut my genitals  and cover my face

What makes you prejudge me till I die.

Life is ugly and so am I.


Did I get your message right?

To make me and my self-image fight?

Loathe my identity and feel empty inside?

To let one more human spend awful nights,

Let him hate his life, to break and cry?

Drive him crazy, maybe to commit suicide?

Or to spread hate and hate others more than that?


You’re right I don’t belong to your race.

Because I’m human, and you’re something beneath


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