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Nameless Love

whats your namenameless beautiful love

keep me there
where I wanna stay
I swear I don’t care
if time stops now
it’s unreal
what if i told you
I turn all girls down just so that
you notice me alone with one too  many
and it’s only you I’m staring at. don’t lie
you see me staring you as much I’m stared down
too pretty and your eyes are freaking wow
so tell me do you wanna .. at all
Stop trying to wake me from this dream I duwanna
 What’s your name
hold my hand and waste my minutes

and yes I want you if I can

I love you darn I don’t throw this around
though I know I am just venting about
the way my heart was burnt out
because no one ever came to me like that
so tell me tonight
that you love me tight
and you want me bad
all that crap
fall in love then identity swap
nameless love and all that crap

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