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Moral Case of Artists who commit suicide: Amy Winehouse

After watching, please remember this is a 2008 documentary!   It’s important to understand the artist’s lifestyle decisions after that year considering every up-and-down change of success, fame , money, luxury, fans, love, rehabs, interactions ..etc until her sad decease in 2011 by the age of 27.


Your purpose in life is subjective, but it’s objectively stupid to substance abuse yourself to death.  Explain the logic that justify crossing the harm line.



Self-explanatory concept illustration of smart -vs- stupid behaviors.


Sorry to break it for ya, but your idol was dumb.  This documentary milked the f–k out of the b-tch.  Up until the last conclusion lines it describes everything about her.  numbed with drugs she won’t listen to her voice or see the love around her.  I know her entire career pictured a great lesson, but I don’t believe she did it to her fans.  An avoidable better conclusion was possible, but it ended bad.   It’s kinda dumb to see the perdition her overdosing on junk and die if she didn’t change.  Oh well.   Teens idolize celebrities who they connect emotionally with just because of their art, and follow them to any bad images or behavior afterward.

Please tell me this’s any different from the PimpC or Houston DJScrew purple drank.  “codeine legend?”  are you dumb people?   If who you love was smart and good enough,   then they would sacrifice something of their own to get you what’s best for you.

Compare how healthy and happy the lifestyles Beyonce, Taylor Swift, or Kate Parry fans carry and live compared to this lady.  I did not say she made these issues to these teens.  No,  they had their issues, gravitated and fed through her art,  then SUPPORTED her with love, care, money, fame, high life, family, relations. Nothing filled her eyes and made her pay any positive vibe back to who loved her?  I can’t blame her for what she couldn’t bear.  With all support didn’t work? and thus your legend forever ended in mud.

greedy? selfish? brave?   A weak soul that got worn out the bad way.  Suicide only hurts who loves you, and in this case she failed many. 

In Conclusion:

I am not bashing the dead, but the behavior that left hell of misguided youths still down a bad path of not recognizing unhealthy levels of physical and emotional self harm. 

Off course, I’m in need to apologize for the awful insensitivity in my approach.  Our society was never proud if such thing happened because someone literally chose to leave life than to stay among you.  That, and many families change stories if suicide happened because shame, negativity, sadness…etc.  

Masses choose to rather be wrong than insensitive in such subjects, but that’s just as smart as choosing medications that taste good but don’t work.

Further I explain my views on depression-driven and self-harm suicide in the blog Depression Happens  .



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