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Awkward and Shy


I  see you when I close my eyes.

messed up right?

an in-and-out-of-love girl

So it happens often

I can’t keep a thing to myself

my heart is used to it.


Don’t look at me while you do it

… I like being ignored


and I still see you when I close my eyes,
even taste you in my dreams

All my clothes smell like you

I found your hair in my notebook the other day

We walked together everywhere

Now I feel half of my body missing



You’re busy, people around you all the time

right, I should have some dignity.

I read this line every time and say you deserved it

freaking alone.. freaking alone wanted to try a new thing

Thought you were ready; but  where did it go wrong.

I swear those freaking moments I spent with you were the funnest ever.

 let me try this again..

Instructions on how to leave, my heart I mean.

On your way out slowly please,

not to shatter the glass on my sleeve.

 because I loved you deeply,

you will get to watch me grieve

devastating dreams behind my perfect physique

so remind me of when I first saw you.

then  you said no.

. I was awkward and shy

my fault.   awkward and shy


One response

  1. t

    “…an in-and-out-of-love girl…”

    that sort of explains it all, doesn’t it? the ephemeral nature of love and human relationships

    now you see them…now you don’t

    anyway…beautiful prose

    …and I love the virtual light snowfall on your page

    wishing you light, self-love and healing~

    December 6, 2015 at 18:45

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