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Too Much Abstract Is Useless

The reason I sometimes hate philosophy is that they already have a name for every simple  reaction and thought in life.

When we discuss what affects the world, we bring abstract concepts that don’t exist in any physical form or influence yet we believe those concepts are the behind the most action.  A mirror of this story is about how ignorance misguides everything that we argue about arbitrarily: life’s purpose, reason, motivations, free will…etc.  In other words, randomly defining vital concepts that drive the actions lived behind every moment.

For example,  justifying hatred with racism when racism is a concept and not a thing that exists, while unjustified hatred is wrong against any human even of the same race.    So what are we trying to blame?  Where is the solution to this problem? Are we addressing the behavior or its justification(s)?

The deeper we go, the more likely we will end up with justifications that are abstract to a point where it may request redefinition of the initial issue all over again.  In my opinion that way of thinking brings inapplicable waste that needs to be cut out.  It provides too many optional conclusions and it goes against entropy and reverse engineering.  It’s almost a made-belief  system that can go wrong because humans’ brains bear their own personal delusions and believe what they want to survive.

It’s why science always works.  Well, it’s in that order, 1- Existing, 2- Selected, 3- Created :

In other words, if you do a behavior that is bad, then its description should only include responsibility and  honest admission of it and its surroundings.   Be responsible for your actions because they are what will result in  a reaction that was of your own deeds,  not anyone else’.    That last statement is so intuitive, all it is asking for is a better realization of incidents instead of further investigation.

Source: SouthPark S08 Ep13.  Investigator spent the whole night to see that the shape of your right hand is the same as your left one from the back.


For a study case now I attach this video of Alan Watts: 


It is a fact that rebellious irresponsibility  is wrong, hurtful and bad to society, but we cannot blame social conformity for it.  When a lot of sheep get together, they become loud and scary but if you listen carefully to any of them, you realize they are not saying anything. I found myself reaching to the same “Duh!-Thanks-Mr.Obvious” conclusion about social conformity as this guy with the research material presented:   His conclusion starts around 5:30 timemark. Feel free to check it out

Sherif, M. (1935). A study of some social factors in perception. Archives of Psychology, 27 (187), pp.17-22.
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Berns, G.S., Chappelow, J., Zink, C.F., Pagnoni, G., Martin-Skurski, M.E., and Richards, J. (2005) Neurobiological Correlates of Social Conformity and Independence During Mental Rotation. Biological Psychiatry, 58 (3), pp.245-253.
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       There are things we should do because they are correct, and there are things we should do because we are supposed to.    You are supposed to be generous and just if you were in a position of higher power to help others with less chances to help themselves.


Can you see both sides right now?   Can you see what it really is?


– most aggressive thinkers blame unjust behaviors on abstract ideas that don’t exist (class, race, social conformity…).  allowing for  world of infinite assumptions/ justifications.
– while most passives fall under those justifications and thus behave wrong accordingly in a reality that in the end only actually involves the discriminating physical behavior.

– no predestined situational behavior is justified because its actual reasons are abstract that don’t exist physically.
otherwise, those prepositions will allow for wrong behaviors to seem natural and desired to passives.

– Justifications are not reasons, and reasons are not excuses;   You don’t do what you are;  You are what you do


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