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Human Imperfections (How Civilization Will End)



How Humanity Will End: (Optimistic- probable- extended- corrective Scenario)

Main Keys:

1.  Nature extincts to exist. (Everything adapts to live. 99% of spices who ever lived extincted.)   From the universe prospective: Spices extinction is a natural way to live.

2. Earthling DNA/ biology limit.   This star material took billions of years of biological evolutions on Earth making humans’ Earthians.   (e.g., Martian;  born from Marsh)  Earthian : Originated and optimized to populate and function from, on, and by Earth and its exchange of energies.   The cost to sustain a planet that cannot sustain humans is to compensate with technology or generations of genome alterations.  Once primary, they sustain much easier than all other secondary extinction-endangered spices that they may want to save (e.g. Pandas).

3. Behavior entropy.  (Lack of compassion -vs- Arrogance of needs).    The change in momentum and energy of human’s neocortex. The characteristics of human’s hearts and brains in the big picture;  The imperfections of intelligence and consciousness in humans are what contribute to their wrongful purposes and doings.  The failed measures behind the heaviest crises are the reasons why human behavior bend its passion for its survival.  Why are humans secured behind egos not reality when countered with misunderstandings ?  What drives humans purposes? Why wars?  What do humans fail-to-live for? :  1-life origin (purpose).  2-energy source (ability to live).

In short, Human Civilization is estimated to last between 1,000 to 100,000 years.  Main Keys  (#1, #2, #3, above) are listed in the order of highest efficiency to lowest regarding  human civilization survival.


Yet, the projected best-run scenario claims that the end of human civilization as we know it will happen when their lack of compassion and arrogance of needs outweigh their capability of planning ahead, solving, avoiding and adapting to problems.   With a documented history showing them never able to spare energy for compassion to stand each other.  The last of humans would extinct through the kindness and karma of the inability do better to survive in an environment.


Year 10,000 A.D. (Why 10k? Realistic, and it’s not that far away sadly knowing that human contributions have only accelerated the forthcoming barriers being around more than 10,000 years backward in time from this point).

Humans are alive in space yet struggling to harness adaptive sustainability from different resources in the solar system before anything else in galaxy despite unique recovery programs to maximize the adaptations of life in each saved planet.

Earth’s been saved, orbit’s moved, harnessed and altered with projects that made it to day still the most habitable and preferred to sustain humans.  Earth’s mass and magnetism are weaker, humans to remain healthy have evolved less dense with nanos regulating and working near-mortal brains and hearts.

In time of extended periods of Solar instability.  A group is set to have a spaceship escape to another galaxy: the rest will riot (or war?).

(Some groups dismantled and failed the journey._The other had)  Lucky contact with Aliens who will employ their best capabilities keeping those Earthlings alive ( or won’t but eliminate them instead).

On Earth, it went as natural selection rule the stronger to live and weaker to die.

In space, it went as if they did not help, then we colonize.   If they helped, then they are the probably superior.

Wait humans become foreign/secondary species in that Alien environment, that they cannot colonize neither help themselves on it.   That Alien environment has become  Earth, and Humans are the first and last Aliens who I’m optimistically and pessimistically referring to in our real-life scenario.




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