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OMG Mermaids Are Ruining The World!


Those  Undersea Humans!!!

Imagine them as Mermaids,  they’re exactly like humans but live under the sea; (So they’re the opposite; can’t breath air O2)

As a leader of Mankind I’d love to imagine we avoid every war and unite toward a superior coexistence!

However, our information regarding their population and intellectualism is unknown, so it’s important to demonstrate a better understanding of intellectuality for the final aim of assuring higher control and superiority to Humans (fuk mermaids r killin us m8).     By letting them play our game of intellectualism, we maintain the leader seat in case Mermaids were superior in another aspect that would not align with our benefits.

So we found out those Mermaids been causing global warming/ greenhouse: (Just exacting and drilling the sh-t out of the ocean bottoms! killing all other animals there, and endangering the huck out of all things…   Sighhh..  well honestly just like us,  but underseas!)

***(Well… To be honest, you cannot be honest!  Humans walking ground freaking ruined a planet for them in 200 industrial years.  Are you asking me if there happened to be ones like us down there?   We would not even form unless we were pieces of biological feces because that’s the only thing Humans have put into Earth’s water if you could see it from their side.  71% of Earth’s surface so if they triggered war and they were smart,  they will kick Humans to out of space in an overnight.! ) 

Anyway, so they’re occupying 71%of Earth’s surface+(increasing because of warming effects. It’s getting out of hand!)

Remember intellectualism and population is unknown. So the Humans most cautious and smartest approach to them should aim toward:

-Least potential to losses in trades/damages in conflicts.

-Most optional for advancement/ Distinct sustainability.


Since our Human mankind never dealt with any present with equal force and reason for coexistence,  it would only bind us more even when the Humans’ demands truly conflict with the Mermaids.

1- First we try to adapt solutions that don’t interfere with The Mermaids current behavior.

2- Later in control attempt,  we would initiate with aggressive laws in the image of tests that run under bias conditions assuring that Humans are taking advantage of the Mermaids’ behavior demands in our trade,  meanwhile, we remain very ambitiously transparent about a peaceful intention and a promise for global sustainability.  (if we talk our mouth too much, they will see our true dirt inside)

3- The final stage requires maintaining three attitudes simultaneously:

-Avoid in-terms settlements & Wait current ones expire.

-Less border-trade & More distant management.

– Less ambiguity/More conditional transparency toward global sustainability.

That way Humans would alien their progress as leaders and would continue to build something that hopefully honorably defines what Humanitarian means.


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