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Power of Peace is Stronger Than the Power of Discrimination

If we don’t learn history, then everyone will do the same mistakes again. Everyone has to learn from The Republic of China.  It’s same power driven class discrimination that existed in many civilizations for generations and still exists in many countries .  It goes like this:  

“We’re more powerful than others because of our resources and money, and we can use those perceptually to even get more powerful.  It’s a really fun and easy beautiful life.

Meanwhile others who are not powerful endure a hard life, so if we want to stay powerful we have to accept to see them, use them and keep them living in hardship.
This empathy ruins my fun.
But that’s Ok,  it’s forcing us pay for guns.
 F-k them, let them starve, let’s watch them get sick and poor, let’s ethnic cleanse them, let’s eliminate them, let them be killed…   

Oh wait    Ughh,  I just noticed that I’m already spending 50% of my money on killing and protection.   I wonder if it’s more efficient to love instead of kill.  It costs me way less to love, not only that, the big picture is now better because they became powerful but they still love me.  
Do you know that other group that still has a savage asshole who has weakened himself by 50% treating his people awfully?

Me and my people can stomp their asses in a sec.   I was not able to do that before.
 They are returning more to me than I even paid them.    I’m powerful, just and empathetic.   I’m a new type of everlasting non destructive power. “


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