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Existence’s Best Thing; Love



It’s my saddest time of the year

Just before all my birthdays turn out lonely

In the middle of a paloroid existence

Jumping in and out of so many colors

I’m heartbroken and  you’re too pretty

I can’t fall in love with you

Stop being nice

I can’t believe you kissed me

Then left me with empty emotions

My everyday feels like yesterday

Now has even begun to feel like tomorrow

That goes on forever that goes on forever

Life is fast; happy or sad it wont last

 I’m used to misery

My white world is grey

Silence after every spoken word

Meaning what was said doesn’t matter

Colorous  momentarily…

Some day, someone will care

Because I don’t think it was a dream but unreal….

That’s just unfair

I keep a lot of things to myself

I wish I don’t forget these….

How can I forget existence’s best thing

I’m talking about the talking, the kissing and brain fireworks.

The acceptance was unreal.


I know that I fall in love easily, but

how did you do that? how can I forget you now


You made love to my heart beyond body

What you hear happens, happened …

A slice of heaven I was in, and an angel then

Eye locked and started kissing,

 to another universe I was parting

I remember asking if what was happening,

when it was happening, was happening

When I told you this is like a dream only

You stepped into my heart and walked all over

Then out you left me writing about

where I can’t go and who I can’t find.

Since it hurts to wonder if my existence was reality,

I know what happened was not real, but



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