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Homosexuality Is a Harmless Mental Disorder


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Classifying homosexuality as a mental disorder has a good level of objectivity and that’s why I’ll explain this view before concluding whether it is helpful or pointless. I’m also sorry that the word ‘disorder’ has a bad stigma to it while in fact ‘disorder’ is just what is different from what we subjectively consider ‘order’.

Mental or personality disorders, such as psychopathy, are the behaviors driven from the brain of the individual handling certain values. They’re almost all contributed to the individual having susceptible genetics and environmental variables that default the brain to those behaviors during its developing years. There are also drugs that stimulate those mental disorders temporarily. Unfortunately however, there is no counter drug that neutralizes every mental or personality disorder.

In the example of psychopathy, it’s caused by an individual having a brain DNA that is impaired to develop empathy or remorse, then also the individual being raised in an abusive and harsh environment that developed and defaulted psychopathic behaviors for them. Constant and bad habits of taking narcotic drugs, such as meth and cocaine, are said to stimulate psychopathy in addicted individuals. A huge list of criminals have done the worst imaginable things while high on such things who later in sober state admit that behavior does not belong to their normal selves. Psychopathy is incurable, yet harmful. So those individuals have the option to learn and understand the evil and harmful consequences of what they consider wants and needs, then live happily with everyone else controlling their behavior in a harmless way.

Analogously, in the example of homosexuality, we have individuals whose brains are stimulated sexually by the same gender. That behavior has defaulted in their brains due to susceptible genetics as well as psychological experiences in their environmental variables that built their sexual identity during their developing stages. Both factors are vital so the growing-up environment alone is not enough. There are also said drug types that make you feel gay temporarily. Homosexuality is also incurable, but nevertheless harmless and there is no required understanding for its individuals to adopt about harmful consequences toward society of what they consider wants and needs. They can and are allowed to live happily with everyone regardless of their different sexual orientation.

Just like how drugs such as Empathogen–Entactogen, MDMA, Ecstasy, Adderall, Tolcapone… may help psychopaths become capable of empathy and compassion temporarily at least, there are drugs that would temporarily make gay people bisexual temporarily at least. However curing homosexuality does not seem to be helpful to anyone really since it’s no where as harmful as other mental and personality disorders.

Understanding homosexuality as a mental disorder helps clear it in terms of it being a way the brain activates its sexuality, of it being incurable, of it being something not bad but rather different, and of it being levels in a spectrum that exists in every person just like all other different brain behaviors and disorders. In a similar way, transgenderism can also be understood as a mental disorder, one that is different from homosexuality but with a gender identity misplacement and similar misalliances in common just like how some conditions of narcissism and sociopathy overlap with psychopathy.


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