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Dying When Our Jobs Are Done


I’m going crazy, would it matter if I told you?
A world of misery, will anything change if I tell you?

Wide awake until I sleep tonight
So alive until I die this life

Emotions all over the place
Brain is shellshocked

Meaning that I play this game 
Passing time pretending to live

Hoping that it goes by in peace
Traveling the least path of pain

Closer to death letting entropy increase

Talking myself  out how awful it feels

It’s Dejav… damn not again…



Wonder if we’ll get to talk to someone in an afterlife

because we didn’t get to talk to anyone alive.

 to explain consciousness and why it felt endless.  

Wonder if I should get there faster

Where it’s permenantly nice 

Never having to we wake up again, for nothing to happen

Diposable hopes of the night

Distracting my mind as my thoughts race

This thing we live through anyway

Universe lost. Loneliness numb.

why are we so aware of life?

 Is God there?  because space is scary, and life on Earth is a joke

 Hells and heavens? For our pathetic souls?  Is God bored?

God listens… God listens, if you don’t believe me, pray



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