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Humans Imperfections: Colonizing Mars

Image source article:  reilly.nd.edu/outreach/emerging-ethical-dilemmas-and-policy-issues-in-science-and-technology-2015/astronaut-bioethics/



– Earth atmosphere is valued at $4,500 trillions.
– Mars will take 100,000 years before Mars atmosphere turns better than Earth.
– Even after 100,000 years,  Polluted Earth -vs- Transform Mars  is still a 10-0 matchup for humans living suitability.

Considering climate change and energy renewability to be the main endangering threats facing humans,   Mars colonization is seen as the most necessary next step for humans exploration and survival.  

Mars is full of gases, CO2, and even O2 .  Rich geology and a heavy candidate to find  bio fossils or amino-acid life due the existence of flowing liquid water in its past.    They are not trying to colonize Mars to let people live there;  They hope to establish something there that would bring resources to Earth  in all types of methods harvesting Mars’ for its science, fuel and water or  asteroids and rays that don’t come Earth.

The smartest scientists still focus the claim on human sympathy to be the main endangering threat to mankind instead of energy sufficiency or climate change:  Today lack of sympathy is seen in the form of wealth inequality, wars,  mass immigration , global stability… etc

We create new problems with new solutions:  No return point occurs when an issue that stops people from living starts and no solution to shut it down in time is found.     It’s likely in the form of uncontrollable catastrophic fail of a resource or a late- virus disease spread.   

Malignancy and evil are not humans’ main traits;  Greed, stupidity and recklessness are the words used to describe our destructive behavior.   We’re all mortal brains who think to consume before we think to save and help.

In theory and conclusion, human civilization is estimated to use resources and survive 1,000,000 yrs.  However sadly, humanity is expected to end in~10,000 yrs because humans survival behavior is not efficient neither that smart. 


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