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Philosophy , Religion and Physics Walked Into a Bar …



Source article: abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/lectures/early_univ.html



Talking about our reality and why some people are wrong while others are crazy.

God:Philosophy:Religion: Stand for good morality ideology”
Nature:Physics:  Stand for universe casual determinism logic”

In the last century, more so than previous ones, Theoretical Physics took the spotlight explaining to mankind everything in our reality using scientific evidence and the logic of causality.

Yet even in that context, Physics shut up when we ask why time is only moving forward,  or equivalently why a thing instead of nothing before way in first place?

So Atheist Philosophy and Theist Religion visited Theoretical Physics:Physics saw Religion and immediately wanted to leave the room, but Philosophy held Physics by the hand and begged for the sake of existence to take this conversion. Still Physics wanted to make sure that they don’t mention time reversal paradoxes that cannot  happen;  So parallel time travels that decrease the universe entropy or violate its second law of thermodynamics were not allowed.

Atheist Philosophy considers reality timeless but it accepts the existence of random unique events to work in physics (e.g.  Singularity, to DeSitter Inflation stability ..etc).    Without existence of time,  infinite possibilities  already happened(ing) while our uniform ticking of forward-time-oriented awareness in this existence is explained by experiencing an illusion due being a special energy ball in a spacetime fabric with tight potential wells.  Regardless of one time only being experienced, there are multiple journeys therefore cannot be one purpose;   Meaning different outcomes are possible for every possible multiverse existence.

On the other hand, Theist Religion considers reality tuned by exact frequencies that give life to a universe with atom configurations and timed existence but it accepts the existence of concepts that are infinite to work in physics (e.g. God, Infinite energy, infinite spacetime ..etc.).  Without randomness, only this one time is ticking successfully with purposes for everyone to fulfill according to each needs, wants and motivations;   Which means  only the same outcome is possible for every possible multiverse existence.

Physics noted that they had their disagreements on the origin of the early universe state before Inflation before Big Bang:

Physics laughed at Atheist Philosophy for believing that their reality is due infinite timeless energy fluctuations.  (as religious people believe in God)!

Physics then laughed at Religion for believing that their reality is due a sequence of purposefully selected beautiful events.  (as atheists believe in unique possibilities)!So they asked Physics “Who do you think is right?”Physics then laughed at both of them for trying to figure out Nature instead of describing it saying

How can we “think outside the box” when we either find our thought horizon locked inside the box (stuck with causality logic loops),  or shielded from the problem fully away from it (intangible concepts/interruptions)?  

Either case, we are never allowed to stand by outside and observe the work that happens inside Boltzmann box to figure it out.

  Nature is impressively disappointing.   It does not get overwhelmed when our gravity based apish minds scream their wildest imaginations  at it;  It hardly winks back.   Then just  when it impresses us, reality becomes our uncertainties.   You two can always double check that with each other.

  Theoretical Physics looks at Atheist Philosophy and Theist Religion, both in the eyes in the same time, and  says  “You are




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