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Dark Stuff Dancing in Dark Spacetime


Image: That grey dot represent the amount of Matter in the universe, about 5%,  while the rest has been dancing in the Dark around us.


Well,  there was some energy, that we assume canceled and cooled from BANGBANG or some infinite energy fluctuations that took place in a spacetime 13.8 billions yrs ago,  btw I also need you to accept that spacetime only moves forward.

Now let me tell you about the accidents that happened after that energy cooled and canceled into a configuration that allowed galaxies to be formed in spacetime:

*4.9%(matter) of that energy gravitated in spacetime and used other forces and things to turn into atoms and galaxies,
while 26.8%(dark matter) of it was energy only and only to gravitate in spacetime which let that 4.9% form galaxies around it,
the rest 68.3%(dark energy) of that energy was only and only to stretch spacetime to let that galaxies form in the universe.

*%Accuracy gets improved with recent year measurements.*


I respect physicists who say something along ‘Expect Dark Matter to be a new class of particles or to have a complicated nature not just a gravity energy that doesn’t interact with anything else.’

No thing, or lack or it,  is nothing in this spacetime; Nature almost never runs out of ‘whys’ for you to ask.   Empty space simultaneously behaves like empty space and does not  in every Planck fraction of second all the time.

In a reference that is close to us, our brains comfortably imagine causality/accident probabilities,  and the four forces of nature .  It gets more complex the more we look too far or close.   We’re awesome brains but we’re part of something,   even if it was a nonintellectual design, still much mightier and ever lasting than our brains and Earth.

Just like knowing how Blackholes work doesn’t let you understand what’s inside them;   Dark energy and matter are nature’s way of saying even if you know why things exist,  you may not understand them with a brain that cannot control spacetime forward nature, neither can be aware of all natures’ compacted hidden dimensions and infinite scales.  As a result,  we get more questions and weirder conclusions the more we try to figure nature out.  The standard particle model of physics is specific, complex, and is still waiting dark energy/matter.    The same way String Theory provides 11 dimensions, 10^500 multiverses, infinite energy fluctuations and spacetime singularities…

  “If there was no open universe,  we wouldn’t have had theoretical physicists wondering about it.”

Thus nature answers us back not to disappoint our brains every where.


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