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How to Survive the Loneliness of Happiness, Material, Love, and Luck


 You would have to face and deal with loneliness from four aspects that relate and affect each other:

1- Thoughts

2- Sexuality

3- Physicality

4- Existence



1- Brain Thoughts:  With loneliness everyday, you will deal and see few and numbered things only around you, such as walls, trees, dirt, air, food..  etc.   So your brain will push to create its own imaginations, nightmares, dreams and thoughts to the point where those imaginations and nightmares will start to matter to you just as much if not more than your everyday reality, that consists of seeing walls, trees and food.     So in conclusion, your brain will face and deal with its own nonphysical ideas, illusions, comedy, life stories and nightmares almost as much if not more than everyday’s limited physical reality like handling things, getting up, eating food..etc



2- Sex Organs:  With loneliness everyday, a lot of blood accumulations and boners will hurt and stiff the freaking air out of your chest and stomach.    Females get periods, and that may serve as release, but lonely men have two options:  A- masturbate  B-not masturbate, get wet dreams.

“Without it my brain and body are destructed with physical and mental pain. suicide, depression, wet nightmares, boners, anger, moods, no sleep, relax or ability to think…Whenever I rely on it to spare my mental health, but it only lives short then it leaves me with devalued self shamed esteem and impaired views.”

Option A- masturbate,  have its pros and cons:

Pros:   No nightmares, no wet dreams, no headache, only empty thoughts and no emotions;  no congestion in below stomach or breathing, relief, build less feelings but increases tolerance.

Cons: A lot of bladder will get used to pressure your prostate gland leaving it in a sort of addiction or dependence to release semen every now and then, so it’s harder to quit if you do it.  Also a lot of blood will be rushed to your brain with no real physical or visual stimulation,  that leaves your brain to process empty emotions and hunger irregularity,  and empty thoughts which are mostly melancholic, depressing, huge lack of motivation and laziness,   but the saddest of all is the steep self esteem fall that would scream at your sexual need to be with any human especially if you were a virgin who never seen a vagina masturbating for a long time alone alone;  your brain will drive you nuts to meet and try to be with any human at any cost.


Option B- Not masturbate, have its pros and cons. 

Pros: Wet dreams that may be fun.  Also you’d feel congested breathing and blood flow which may help you think deeply about your lonely life and so encourage motivation.

Cons: Sadly the truth it’s not wet dreams, it’s mostly 99% nightmares, nightmares, nightmares, nightmares…  endless nightmares that you may not be able to control or tell apart from reality once it feeds more into 1- Brain.



3- Body Physicality,  with loneliness you would watch it grow up, become strong, then deteriorate all by yourself.  You would love it then hate it all by yourself.  You would ignore it then take care of it all by yourself.  You would what is the point of its power and look if it was all useless and mine.  It’s recommended to keep your sanity that you  stretch its strength and art to however you may like then give up and watch it deteriorate all by yourself, because nothing worse than regret other than not trying and not knowing. You would really want to  discover the extent of feminine and masculine potentials of your body.   So for example,  you would practice extreme sports or run long distances a lot to know how your body feels and what your heart could take.   You would also have pretty haircuts, facials, dress ups, tattoos to know and feel the potential of art your body can offer.   You may also in the end masturbate a lot if you didn’t care;  again that’s your body.



4- Sense of Existence and Passing Time:   The words of that one are self explanatory, but the reality is not easy.  It’s what I’m doing right now writing this crap.  It’s what I’ve always tried to do fighting with my existence to distract it from every slow ticking second of this life.   It’s how to live with loneliness; you tell me what you want because talking to you is the time of my life.  It’s material, love, luck, and happiness…  those are potentials out of something constant which is the time of your decreasing fading limited lifetime.   So to keep sanity, you would study, think, and do everything because at the of the time, there will be nothing.



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