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Lucid Nightmare



Time spawning… Forever lasting…

Something… Something

Forward acting… Into a universe

Clumping matter with balanced energies

Something… Something…

Life started temporarily

Something… Something… Something

This amazing brain is thinking, and consciousness lived to wonder

Born pushing life’s short end

I’m sorry that you’re alive but glad it’s temporary,

So we don’t have to work forever

I knew it just happens so it’s not helpful to wonder how it ends

I have nothing to say

You have nothing to do

That seems to be the worst part of being alive

That seems to be most if not all of life

But now you are conscious again

Heart beating with no where to go

For no one at all

Demons inside my freaking brain

Screaming you think you may go to sleep. You can’t

For 6 hours a day, I may disconnect you to dream

You heard me asking to stop waking me up at all

I’m not panicking seeing all these demons

I know I’m just lucid dreaming a misrable nightmare

Nightmares on nightmares within nightmares of other nightmares

I’m not scared; just wondering when I’ll wake up

Endless every day. It just happens and I am aware

I know this pain is unreal. I know this noise is fake. I know these scars are not here

Is it an illusion that I breath? Is it a lie that feels so real?

Let’s talk with God about it. I’m aware of all of my dream

Was it a miracle our matter clumped to react this way?

Just like those stars seen in telescopes but can’t be reached

We matter to each other, then we leave

Nothing is everlasting including the happiest and saddest of scenes

Moments pass by, better for some than other

If humans were to live forever, suicides would’ve been inevitable

Would it all just be okay? or would it all really not matter?


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