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Lyrics, rants, opinions, feelings, stories and thoughts =)

Try listening to your fav’ music track, chillstep, piano, or just be in mood while reading any of the posts to relate ;D

Left hemisphere for science, philosophy logic and headaches.

Right hemisphere for emotions, poetry and heartbreaks.

Images, unless referenced,  it’s probably me by me. Lel

About Me:

Nas Sevien –  born long time ago – open minded – dreams – passion – humor– modest – all sports – ball sports- too much sports – team sports- crazy sports  – fashion – makeup – beauty  – music – acting – gymnastics – dancing – climbing – –  VideoGAIMEZ Fighting: SuperStreetFighter HDII-4-V  _ Tekken _ PUZZLE: Tetris _FPS SHOOTING_LeagueOfLegends__ADVENTURES..MGS- GTA– writing – emotions – reason – art – piano– philosophy – investigation – criminology –  video editing – plays – directing – care – justice – equality – acceptance – thinker – studied/worked in:   engineering – physics – mechanical – lab research/ studies – astronomy – math  – business and more.


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Writing was always my ‘emo let-out’ for a long time.  passing every hard , awful or pleasant time writing stupid emotional (rants).  embarrassing but therapeutic at least and I don’t mind sharing.

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