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u know how it feels

when you’re crappy sad as hell, but don’t know how to express it to others. I’m not an artist, and english is not my language. I hate every letter, because after I use it, I know it didn’t tell what I want to say. I wish you listen to me weeping.. that will say it better. Read the rest of this page »


romance no more


If I would only be hugged,  I’d start crying on your shoulder in no time. 

It just doesn’t seem there is “you” who gives free hugs, but there’s “me” who need ones.

I just think life is better with you.  I meant the “you” who cant exist. Read the rest of this page »

update april-2010


– my ankle is still broken since march 5

– I feel empty and have all work to do Read the rest of this page »

H U G E IJ !

   IJ  dreaming when you wake up like HAAAAAAALLELUJAH  !!   <3 <3  <3   <3   <3   <3   <3   <3    wooooooooh !!

Thanks satan,  and everyone who put efforts to make this happen…

 I dont know what I could’ve done without you guys

Read the rest of this page »

when you get old

no matter how strong your emotions were,

no matter much love you held,

you know it has no physical reality;

you know it will all fade away. Read the rest of this page »

thought about dropping college

similar analysis .. but in conclusion:  I had this assumption that I can find a (fine) job without college degree.  <– possible?   Read the rest of this page »

happy and busy, let me update this thing

let me update this thing why should it all be sad stuff. it’s my news, and I just been to the health center, :D damn . .. ok since no one is reading this blog, say it all here:  ان اذني الحاكم كأذني حماااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااار  !!  Read the rest of this page »

what’s going on

I really don’t know what’s ganna happen.will i make it?  I need to Read the rest of this page »

dream that I’m dreaming + another weird dream

I’ve been awake since 4 hrs, so I barely remember the main theme of the dream:

l***a my sis & mom in my apt (here in br).  l***a was helping me doing school work or something, then when I ask her Read the rest of this page »

am i honest + thing to god (rant)

I’ve always thought – almost a reasonable fact: that I don’t write my best blogs when I’m in public or busy.  I will be too sad or distracted to express the best way.I’ve written many things on paper recently & forgot to update this blog thing.I’m killing myself the slow way. Read the rest of this page »