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let’s look at women until we’re sick of them

I feel invisible…. you know the feeling; people in the room,  but we can’t connect. 

 looks and faces don’t matter anymore.   happiness is hard to obtain.  like if happiness is something you can’t pass to others. 
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how come we just don’t know



sometimes it feels disgusting to me how humans still don’t know how they ended up here.

it’s almost like if we came to term with the fact we don’t know and that’s fine.

More so,  we made philosophic riddles that ensure it’s impossible to obtain the knowledge of our existence.

Is it me, or is it really what supposed to be the most important thing we’re here for?

Knowing what this universe was and what nature is that kept us alive, for us to name it “the big question” and live distracting ourselves.

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Judgin Morality

– What’s fair & equal?

Who is getting hurt, and who is getting relieved .   where are you subtracting, and where are you adding? Read the rest of this page »

Rant: what I wanna do

Why can’t people be simple, clear, direct, productive, strait, … why do you have to explain yourself in 10 hrs of speaking?  almost think 2 mins max give the main idea of any formed by human’s brain.  Read the rest of this page »

sh*t life (rant)

what the f–k am i waiting of my life?

let’s roll the dice and find

it’ doesn’t matter who throws, the same number will show

who cares..?  and what  matters?

A wall between me and others.

They can’t see me for who I am and I can’t reach them,

If I wasn’t being myself, then I can’t see people for who they are.

You’re telling me to change, I’m telling you difference shouldn’t be a problem.

angry about the unknown.  very stressful

alone and void.  dunno what I want to fill myself with. 

we’re kids just like other kids

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Facing Sad Reality

now that I’m calm, out of emotions, empty with no drop of anger or melancholy :  I came across this observation that it will be top ignorance and stupidity if I didn’t address it right.   A theory providing a model that fits and explains all the phenomenons and behaviors with the correct reasons. Read the rest of this page »

I don’t feel like writing but

very low self esteem lately.  not confidence and questioning everything.   all assumptions, all possibilities… like to consider the harmful ones, too.

why do i think i’m an interesting person in first place? i hate the f**kin Read the rest of this page »

Love Loss



blank- dwanna talk..  I’ve been in the same spot for too long.  during that time; all my dreams were crushed, love was lost.  one moment let me realize that I’m done with this. my world fell apart,  and I am not picking it up again. …  I’m just staring ….at everybody Read the rest of this page »

Females Hypocrisy and Irrationality

for a long time, I thought girls don’t make sense, & irrational. I was right, just now, science can prove it, and I can describe the messed up correlations that take place inside of the mind set of females beyond their realization.

Since I’m sleepy, tired, and this’s a boring topic: I’d just address the main points without going into any details:

– money and sexuality: (money= rich makes you sexy?) Read the rest of this page »

افكر بالرد

كلما بردت, اقترب احساسي بضيعتي

وكلما بعدت, اسكت بس زادت حرقتي

ما احس بِحبي لك, ما احس الا بِحزني بي
اضغط هنا لقراءة النص بالكامل