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تسمح أفولك

كلما بردت, اقترب احساسي بضيعتي

وكلما بعدت, اسكت بس زادت حرقتي

ما احس بحبي لك, ما احس الا بحزني بي

صبرت وويش اللي يصبر صبرتي, اضغط هنا لقراءة النص بالكامل


Topics of judgements of society

I made a nice one about the subconscious racism of first impression.  ( i’ll summarize it at the end of this blog,  the video is too embarrassing for me to show X | ..  hewwew  )

If I’d make another one however,  here are some suggestions:

1- I’m Guilty ‘Till Proven Innocent.. not the other way!?!? Read the rest of this page »

What’s going on Tomorrow

Dear dawn, what’s happening tomorrow?   Why rise again?

Reminding me by my cycle of tears; the falling lines on my cheeks.


Come cry with me at least, it might not happen again.

Do it for the sake of nights I watched  you turn into mornings..


Agonizing wait, for a sunlight to shine across the sky.

C’mon make it,  and rise.  Will you, pick me…? I’m waiting. Read the rest of this page »

I don’t know what I want

well, pretty much I was going to talk about things that’re not particularly new and indeed inferable from my old content. (something proves that I cant choose a real goal to achieve in life..)

so, instate I wanted to just say shit that I wanna say,  but for a second I stopped thinking… it’s true I made this blog for shit crap and pointless rant, Read the rest of this page »

I’m The Best! but dont tell anyone (why my dreams are bigger than ordinary people)

In the following rant, I will try to not use any descriptive measure. Instead, the measure I will use is relative and comparative to what I see around my growing environment.

So why are my dreams bigger than regular people? I mean, “ordinary” people just gave up their dreams ‘cuz they can’t make them reality.  I think they thought they couldn’t, while they really could.  Are others more realistic than me?

When I asked my friend the other day in an abstract talk and random questions… “Hey, tell me one dream that you had earlier in your life, Read the rest of this page »

my birthday tonight + new year

special stuff supposedly ?  but nothing happens

tonight im 21, tomorrow i’m older.

i’m not sure what I’ve developed/improved about myself in the last years.

i feel i’ve not changed from highschool. i’ve gone no where

i … want to do stuff, Read the rest of this page »

what should i do (rant)

like what should i do.

i’m angry about something i can’t find.

lonely and empty….. but dunno what I want to fill myself with

what do i want? what do i need? what do i want to do? …  i don’t know the answer to these qs,  but what will i do?  nothing.  that’s what i’m doing. Read the rest of this page »

pain and loneliness

i cant see it all

i dont have someone to tell it all

there exist those empty spots

should i stare at them to  see the pain,

tell someone about them  to feel the pain

or live incomplete, im used to lying

you hear me? that’s my voice,

look at my pictures living happy,

look at the joy in my heart, look at me smile.

i cant  cry when I speak,

im  silenced when I cry

lonely christmas…lonely everything




lonely christmas, lonely everything, my f-ing heart is broken for no reason. emptiness, so I feel nothing. nothing, that’s why i’m alone as sh**. I bite my own lips, stopping myself from crying.. wtf am i going thru.
i tried to reach all my “friends,” but none was available
i feel like I wanna make a video, i’d cry begging for friendsht.. i know i’d be a joke. but i’m depressed, sad and lonely all the time

so I’m not going home?

I wanna go home,

I wanna sit in an air plane 19 hours to get home.

I will wait in airports, I’m cool with delays. Read the rest of this page »