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tears on the page for The Sacred Love

She must tell me a story before bed.  She must let me know she’s there all the
time.  I started to call her when I’m in fear, when I’m hungry, and for everything I wanted.

Everyday helped me like if she owned me her life.  

I felt lost when I couldn’t find her. 

I couldn’t let her go away from me
because I couldn’t trust any other one. Read the rest of this page »


Lucid Dream Adventrues: I knew it was a dream!

Lucid Dreaming:
– at some point in a dream, I realize it’s a dream and not real life.
– I can wake myself up if I wanted after that ( I just do what I call the “HuuuuH!” lol, which is an burst of energy I put in my breathing then I suddenly wake up. Or instead of waking up, I can do whatever I like while I’m in the dream knowing that I’m dreaming)
so it happens unexpectedly,     in the middle of the dream:  I just figure out it is a dream:

Dreams that happened again and again til I spotted it:(BUSTED Series)

Choose any one down to read =)   First ones were kind of silly; I had them when I was a kid,

stupid stories’  time ! xD enjoy




1 – Teh Skeleton:

When I was a kid  I had that dream of a skeleton chasing me Read the rest of this page »

Evil Is Fun


Swallowed; my energy is drawn
I can’t feel my feet. My clothes are soaked
My heart locking beats; I’m at my dirtiest and it’s fun
I’ll just get rid of these clothes after I’m done
People wont know what before I had on
I’m sick of everyone telling me how clean I should be
So much hate.  Now I want  to see grief in others eyes
Let me be the judge.  I’ll change my clothes after
A malevolent God where  life can be unfair

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Because I’m lonley


When I cry, I dry all my tears  because i’m lonely
When I write, I burn all my pages because i’m lonely
When I’m in fear, I don’t have who calms me down except me.
When I’m in love, I wait my heart to lose its heat before me.
When I’m down, I take all the pain, and it hurts me Read the rest of this page »

يا عيني .. يا عيني .. لماذا لا أرى الحقيقة بكي

يا عيني .. يا عيني .. لماذا لا أرى الحقيقة بكي , فأني لا أرى الا الخيال

وما بكي يا اذني لا تسمعينني الا كذب واحتبال

وما بلساني عاجز عن قول الحقيقة اضغط هنا لقراءة النص بالكامل >>

I’m saying almost

Hey listen; I’m using the word almost now. It means a lot
to me..

I thought I’ was dead; …. I am almost dead.

I was shot in almost every part of my heart.

I was burned until the fire almost lost its heat.

almost feel no pain, but I see the scars. I almost
call myself loser, almost Read the rest of this page »

Living hard moments

It’s painful to live your hard moments while you know it. I always felt I had a good share of those. In every chapter of my life, I wish to close my eyes and skip years from it. The more I think about it, Read the rest of this page »

why i do what i do

WARNING: this blog MAY WASTE YOUR TIME. It was “written just right now”; it contains a young-troubled guy talking crap about himself and stuffing it into the readers’ brains.

quote from VH member (Dawn), in her last blog asked
“Why do people vlog if they don’t want to show an insight into what kind of person they are?”.
Well, maybe to show that side of them that they want everybody to see.
just like me; I don’t people to notice i’m a retard ;P
——– Read the rest of this page »

don’t reach me

It’s further than my dreams. It’s beyond my imagination.. to scale my emotions to you.   I can’t understand you, and you don’t have to humilate me for it.  I understand that you can’t or don’t want to feel the way I do.   You might be right, I might not be this sad if I could be something else, too. Read the rest of this page »

You Decide blog

Ok, listen,  first part you talked about* you have no control over physical/environmental/genetics… etc*  cool, that right, YET, you can always have an effect on those whenever, wherever you are (example, genetics make you physically weak: you can still be strong(er) than what you were left with by genetics … so so other examples)  so it’s not like I don’t have a “choice” in being weak ?!  sorry, get on yourself and make a “change”  you might still be weak, but you are stronger than before=> therefore, it’s possible to even be really strong or even the strongest Read the rest of this page »