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A principle method for scientific inquiry….
So here’s the experiment I want you to do, just fallow the steps

You need the following:

1- A small sharp piece of glass.  (less than a mm wide, less than a cm long.
Just like if you broke a window and picked up a shatter)

2- PATIENCE Read the rest of this page »


As A Psychiatrist to Me


want them to disappear and get AWAY from me and NEVER see them or hear
their F–KING VOICES or any stories about Read the rest of this page »

can’t mange this

even if I tried to organize what I should do for today, it just won’t happen.

I love to relax and live in peace, sleep when I need to, and eat when I need to.  it’s really ugly when you feel hungry and in need to eat, but have nothing to feed yourself. A Read the rest of this page »

CRAP Battle!


I plumped the toilet,  Sh-t floated on top of the surface.

I left the apartment for a weak, something went wrong in the sewer pump and all water was drawn, so all what left in the toilet was a hill of moistured sh-t only.

I called maintenance, someone came, but got out once he realized no one should do this job in the world.

Someone had to step in and do the sacrifice.

When I just woke up, Read the rest of this page »



No one’s going to shout NERDS once they come around you. That’s because they live between us, or should I say among.

My writing skills are not good at all, but listen to what I want to say… I’m not offending anyone by the way because if you think you are one nerd, then you’re not, because they don’t know who they are; they just think they’re individuals doing great in their lives because they’re doing great school work. Are you infected? beware!

You will know when you meet one becau Read the rest of this page »

خسرت حياتي …ـ

قد خسرت حياتي , رأيتها تنهدم ركناً

عرفتها صعبة,  أتذوق مرها من حين
صغار ٌ كنا

في غيري رأيت الخسارة, وظننت أني بعيد
ٌ عنها

وفي نفسي قصدت الصدارة, فطموحي كاد
للقمة يوصلنا

والحروف التي ملكتها أكلمت العبارة,
فكالنجوم على خشبة ا … _اضغط هنا لقراءة النص بالكامل

كم فكرت مليا في أن أتوقف ……ـ

كم فكرت ملياً في أن أترك ما أنا
ضائعٌ به

وأنا أسمع نصيحة من يعزني ويخاف علي

وأنا أنظر لتجربة غيري ممن لبسوا

… _اضغط هنا لقراءة النص بالكامل

الى أين أختفيت ؟؟

أختفيت إلى ….
أرض لا روح فيها تساعدني على مرض أصبت به ليس له دواء
وجزيرة لا أثر فيها على مخرج يدلني على سطح به نور أو
بل هي صحراء لا بها ما يرد عطشي, فتذكرني بيزيد يلعنه أهل
وبحر لا صوت فيه ينقذني … _اضغط هنا لقراءة النص بالكامل

if I can, talk to you (bad rants

do you accept me this way? .. I know you wish if I were someone else, but ..like that , am I accepted?
  I know ,  I swear I know what you deserve…   I feel dying is easier than saying this.. it’s not up to me,.. I know, I swear Read the rest of this page »