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Power of Peace is Stronger Than the Power of Discrimination

If we don’t learn history, then everyone will do the same mistakes again. Everyone has to learn from The Republic of China.  It’s same power driven class discrimination that existed in many civilizations for generations and still exists in many countries .  It goes like this:  

“We’re more powerful than others because of our resources and money, and we can use those perceptually to even get more powerful.  It’s a really fun and easy beautiful life.

Meanwhile others who are not powerful endure a hard life, so if we want to stay powerful we have to accept to see them, use them and keep them living in hardship.
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Corrupt Intelligence Control Under Power

I’m having awful cycles of analogies and dejavus. (Sabu and TrapWire respectively) These are the two same examples that have always happened in many dictatorships: Over generations dictator governments employ 1- Snitches and loyalists from sub powers for the aim of achieving more power/earnings.
2- Exclusive technology to enslave, generate more power/earnings.This behavior sets humans years back but it has always happened over centuries in many cultures that demonstrated pyramidal slavery.


The Green Prince (2014) Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a founder of Hamas, becomes an informant for the Israeli secret service


He almost killed his family instead of protecting them. How was the end result good for him or his family?

He helped arresting and busting all his father’s and people movements, compromising info for security from the enemy. In return, so grateful they did not assassinate his father.?

It’s a very pathetic yet lucky story if you believe what they told him and that they actually never used his info against his people or behind him.

All agents accept not facing reality, they accept breathing and lying, and lying in every breath He has no problem changing belief, selling and betraying his family. Even his handler knew it and saw his weaknesses in him from day 1. .

There’s no excuse for being stupid, however his experiences and upbringing were tough. What made it worse was his strict upbringing and father authority figure thing. It made him unable to share his true ideologies to his father and family, and instead cooperate and go for hidden desperate deals with an enemy that did in the past, and could have, and would in the future hurt him.


Mariana Trench

Can you be my counselor tonight?

 I want to tell you something now that I may not tell you at any other time.

I can’t stand up anymore.

Watch me throw myself on the ground

 A lesser human

Arrogant and useless

Obnoxious and repulsive

I’ve always been lonely so leave me alone now.

So freaking ugly don’t take my photo man.

 Asking about how I’m doing as if you care

…. I cant wait to die


Those voices I couldn’t keep to myself,

Simply mean nothing to everyone else.

Thus no one cares about mental illness.



Just in mind experienced:

  “Go kill yourself! Shortcut the BS.”

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OMG Mermaids Are Ruining The World!


Those  Undersea Humans!!!

Imagine them as Mermaids,  they’re exactly like humans but live under the sea; (So they’re the opposite; can’t breath air O2)

As a leader of Mankind I’d love to imagine we avoid every war and unite toward a superior coexistence!

However, our information regarding their population and intellectualism is unknown, so it’s important to demonstrate a better understanding of intellectuality for the final aim of assuring higher control and superiority to Humans (fuk mermaids r killin us m8).     By letting them play our game of intellectualism, we maintain the leader seat in case Mermaids were superior in another aspect that would not align with our benefits.

So we found out those Mermaids been causing global warming/ greenhouse: (Just exacting and drilling the sh-t out of the ocean bottoms! killing all other animals there, and endangering the huck out of all things…   Sighhh..  well honestly just like us,  but underseas!)

***(Well… To be honest, you cannot be honest!  Humans walking ground freaking ruined a planet for them in 200 industrial years.  Are you asking me if there happened to be ones like us down there?   We would not even form unless we were pieces of biological feces because that’s the only thing Humans have put into Earth’s water if you could see it from their side.  71% of Earth’s surface so if they triggered war and they were smart,  they will kick Humans to out of space in an overnight.! ) 

Anyway, so they’re occupying 71%of Earth’s surface+(increasing because of warming effects. It’s getting out of hand!) Read the rest of this page »

Human Imperfections (How Civilization Will End)



How Humanity Will End: (Optimistic- probable- extended- corrective Scenario)

Main Keys:

1.  Nature extincts to exist. (Everything adapts to live. 99% of spices who ever lived extincted.)   From the universe prospective: Spices extinction is a natural way to live.

2. Earthling DNA/ biology limit.   This star material took billions of years of biological evolutions on Earth making humans’ Earthians.   (e.g., Martian;  born from Marsh)  Earthian : Originated and optimized to populate and function from, on, and by Earth and its exchange of energies.   The cost to sustain a planet that cannot sustain humans is to compensate with technology or generations of genome alterations.  Once primary, they sustain much easier than all other secondary extinction-endangered spices that they may want to save (e.g. Pandas).

3. Behavior entropy.  (Lack of compassion -vs- Arrogance of needs).    The change in momentum and energy of human’s neocortex. The characteristics of human’s hearts and brains in the big picture;  The imperfections of intelligence and consciousness in humans are what contribute to their wrongful purposes and doings.  The failed measures behind the heaviest crises are the reasons why human behavior bend its passion for its survival.  Why are humans secured behind egos not reality when countered with misunderstandings ?  What drives humans purposes? Why wars?  What do humans fail-to-live for? :  1-life origin (purpose).  2-energy source (ability to live).

In short, Human Civilization is estimated to last between 1,000 to 100,000 years.  Main Keys  (#1, #2, #3, above) are listed in the order of highest efficiency to lowest regarding  human civilization survival.


Yet, the projected best-run scenario claims that the end of human civilization as we know it will happen when Read the rest of this page »

Volunteering Is a White Job

Chart: #Non-profit(left) -vs- #For-profit organizations (right) :Dan Pallotta: The way we think about charity is dead wrong at TEDTalks2013

Sometime charities try to take on big challenging social issues such as: taking care of millions of disadvantaged, needy, sick people who are not expected to give anything in return neither guarantee that they become able to help themselves in the end after all.   To me those seem to be tough tasks that require one to hire a superhero, instead of trying to solve them with charity resources and long distance donations.   And also btw Superman doesn’t work for free, that was a lie.. he wants his salary…

Albeit having definitions that help rank charities with contribution and expense ratios, watch lists and ratings, the concept of practical volunteering is challenging due the misalignment of its results against efforts  in real life -vs-  on paper despite its goodwill intention in every situation.

The duties of a society describe the un-avoided obligations to its individuals. The compassion of a society is shown in gift investing between its classes however it cannot be asked for or demanded.  Philanthropic altruistism in a society may lead to non-profit services that remain impractical contributions for the disadvantaged.  Those definitions mandate the management of successful volunteering to employ free or non-profit resources to develop beneficial services that eventually gift the capability of self help to their community.   The theoretical aim to achieve self help is very essential to practical charities in the approach of “Don’t give me the fish; teach me how to fish.”    Implementing that principle tells that failure charities are the ones that who would just give full cash and no practical help.

Volunteering and charities do not speak directly about payrolls as paid jobs.  Instead of having employees evaluated, motivated, controlled, blamed and judged by a business’s net income, volunteering gets challenged by factors such as the employees’ actual qualifications or attitude to fulfill duties and services to upscale and help the lives of others.  That rough economic gear of volunteering, that demands productive generosity and offers no return investing, is what makes it more difficult in reality than on paper.    Successful volunteering models relate to the improvements of workforces over generations within the same work sector for a society.   Similarly, failed models of volunteering in a society relate to episodic productivity for each generation to that same work sector. Read the rest of this page »

Background Waves of Death


Flipping hours in bed with insomnia

No one asking for days, 

No one cares

Does it get any lonelier

Because I’m numb to it

Beyond sad I’m sick of this.

Instead of suicide notes

I screamed and fought.  

complaining about how lonely it gets

with the exact same words I used before

Disgusting Dejavus life is scary

I think I’m just distracting myself to let time pass by.

The purpose of life is not to wait the clock tick for us to do our job, is it?

Another day to waste alone

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Too Much Abstract Is Useless

The reason I sometimes hate philosophy is that they already have a name for every simple  reaction and thought in life.

When we discuss what affects the world, we bring abstract concepts that don’t exist in any physical form or influence yet we believe those concepts are the behind the most action.  A mirror of this story is about how ignorance misguides everything that we argue about arbitrarily: life’s purpose, reason, motivations, free will…etc.  In other words, randomly defining vital concepts that drive the actions lived behind every moment.

For example,  justifying hatred with racism when racism is a concept and not a thing that exists, while unjustified hatred is wrong against any human even of the same race.    So what are we trying to blame?  Where is the solution to this problem? Are we addressing the behavior or its justification(s)?

The deeper we go, the more likely we will end up with justifications that are abstract to a point where it may request redefinition of the initial issue all over again.  In my opinion that way of thinking brings inapplicable waste that needs to be cut out.  It provides too many optional conclusions and it goes against entropy and reverse engineering.  It’s almost a made-belief  system that can go wrong because humans’ brains bear their own personal delusions and believe what they want to survive.

It’s why science always works.  Well, it’s in that order, 1- Existing, 2- Selected, 3- Created :

In other words, if you do a behavior that is bad, then its description should only include responsibility and  honest admission of it and its surroundings.   Be responsible for your actions because they are what will result in  a reaction that was of your own deeds,  not anyone else’.    That last statement is so intuitive, all it is asking for is a better realization of incidents instead of further investigation.

Source: SouthPark S08 Ep13.  Investigator spent the whole night to see that the shape of your right hand is the same as your left one from the back.


For a study case now I attach this video of Alan Watts: 


It is a fact that rebellious irresponsibility  is wrong, hurtful and bad to society, but we cannot blame social conformity for it.  When a lot of sheep get together, they become loud and scary but if you listen carefully to any of them, you realize they are not saying anything. I found myself reaching to the same “Duh!-Thanks-Mr.Obvious” conclusion about social conformity as this guy with the research material presented:   His conclusion starts around 5:30 timemark. Feel free to check it out

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Awkward and Shy


I  see you when I close my eyes.

messed up right?

an in-and-out-of-love girl

So it happens often

I can’t keep a thing to myself

my heart is used to it.


Don’t look at me while you do it

… I like being ignored


and I still see you when I close my eyes,
even taste you in my dreams

All my clothes smell like you

I found your hair in my notebook the other day

We walked together everywhere

Now I feel half of my body missing



You’re busy, people around you all the time

right, I should have some dignity.

I read this line every time and say you deserved it

freaking alone.. freaking alone wanted to try a new thing

Thought you were ready; but  where did it go wrong.

I swear those freaking moments I spent with you were the funnest ever.

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Moral Case of Artists who commit suicide: Amy Winehouse

After watching, please remember this is a 2008 documentary!   It’s important to understand the artist’s lifestyle decisions after that year considering every up-and-down change of success, fame , money, luxury, fans, love, rehabs, interactions ..etc until her sad decease in 2011 by the age of 27.


Your purpose in life is subjective, but it’s objectively stupid to substance abuse yourself to death.  Explain the logic that justify crossing the harm line.



Self-explanatory concept illustration of smart -vs- stupid behaviors.


Sorry to break it for ya, but your idol was dumb.  This documentary milked the f–k out of the b-tch.  Up until the last conclusion lines it describes everything about her.  numbed with drugs she won’t listen to her voice or see the love around her.  I know her entire career pictured a great lesson, but I don’t believe she did it to her fans.  An avoidable better conclusion was possible, but it ended bad.   It’s kinda dumb to see the perdition her overdosing on junk and die if she didn’t change.  Oh well.   Teens idolize celebrities who they connect emotionally with just because of their art, and follow them to any bad images or behavior afterward.

Please tell me this’s any different from the PimpC or Houston DJScrew purple drank.  “codeine legend?”  are you dumb people?   If who you love was smart and good enough,   then they would sacrifice something of their own to get you what’s best for you.
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