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Say Three Words



I thought you were the cutest thing ever

But so did many others


You were one of those

False alarms

It’s one big climb

 Should you back out

I’m just dead inside pretending hard

Years in repair for my best act

The Three Words I never heard

So I made the biggest stage,

and of myself the biggest fool


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Im not stopping now

I can’t stop right now

Every moment with you is my best of all time

Im living an eternal paradise

So Im running into the sun

Pushing everyone around

With love burning down

So fast to stay alive

I will run faster tonight

Then heal back in your arms

When you say everything is fine

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Nameless Love

whats your namenameless beautiful love

keep me there
where I wanna stay
I swear I don’t care
if time stops now
it’s unreal
what if i told you
I turn all girls down just so that
you notice me alone with one too  many
and it’s only you I’m staring at. don’t lie
you see me staring you as much I’m stared down
too pretty and your eyes are freaking wow
so tell me do you wanna .. at all
Stop trying to wake me from this dream I duwanna
 What’s your name
hold my hand and waste my minutes

and yes I want you if I can

I love you darn I don’t throw this around
though I know I am just venting about
the way my heart was burnt out
because no one ever came to me like that
so tell me tonight
that you love me tight
and you want me bad
all that crap
fall in love then identity swap
nameless love and all that crap



Stress boiling up my mind. This voice’s piercing so loud

I wanna talk it out, share my thoughts loud and cry

If I ever meant something, then I need you now by my side

Baby hug me, let me vent. This sh*t hurts Im not lyin

Bipolar lonely time, no meds or love to get by

When you feel like breaking down,

and you think you should share right now

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85 Richest People As Wealthy As Poorest Half of The World


Working for the Few - Oxfam report

Source: F. Alvaredo, A. B. Atkinson, T. Piketty and E. Saez, (2013) ‘The World Top Incomes Database’, http://topincomes.g-mond.parisschoolofeconomics.eu/ Only includes countries with data in 1980 and later than 2008. Photograph: Oxfam Link to article: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/jan/20/oxfam-85-richest-people-half-of-the-world

 But if you’re gonna read what I’m gonna say here then please, don’t  click on that now, because I haven’t myself.    I just wanted to comment on that statement only, or fact that some 85  “humans” own as much as other 3.5 billions.   My 5 Initial/Quick Thoughts:


1-  Who are these people?  Are they entitled to this money? Are they using it, spending it, earning it, employing, working and investing it  legally?

In case of admirable positions, high authority figures, and ones who fulfill themselves to operate that amount of material fairy to other fellow humans, achieving  promises to many, saving lives, helping families and individual better their lives and all other forms of charity,   then  we’ve nothing but admiration, gratefulness, honor and love to give to those people and we look up for what they did.  An example is    The Pledge of Bill Gates,  Warren Buffet

In case of corruption,  whether any type or possibility of it being political, governments, public services, conspiracies,  thefts… etc,  then  negative thought #2 comes along:

2- how do you feel that your life standard  by definition, the earning-vs-cost of life, is one that more than 4.1 hundred thousands of people share?

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No welcome to therapy

Sit there and complain about it.
Feel how slow time is.
How cold, how boring, how long.
Relapse and fight it.

“Can I share with you please I’m lost.

I’ve been tearing myself over and don’t know how to put it.

but no therapy, I either vent to a wall or write you to laugh at me say it.


I’d put on my best dress and dance.

Going to my notherapy session where no one talks about love.

Trying to relate but I don’t know if I can. Belonging everywhere unfound.”



I remember being too stressed about life.  I would walk up to the councilor all tight. 

One too many thoughts on my mind, forcing the first word out of his mouth

   I’d not speak at all,  “relax, is everything alright?”

Say a random thing then take it back.   It’s obvious I’m worked up and ready to cry

the moment I start thinking.   I’m so exhausted  I don’t know why I hate living so much. 

  Unhappiness for life,  I wish I was lying.  Looking at him dead in the eye like I wish I could change it.

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Suicide Game

Here’s the game, gonna only say it once…

I’m suicidal, I’m depressed, I’m fucked up.

People with my history are criminals or ones who killed themselves.

In my mind, no one deserves kindness because I never had such thing.

To not be I just pretend; smile on because I’m playing the game.

A point of no return in my brain where it may shut love or go insane.

You lose if you get there.  I wish you knew where I’ve been.

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Self hate

because of_U_f

Racism, you made me hate my race.

Sexism, you made me hate being a male.

Hate what I didn’t choose and couldn’t change.

You live once, and I’m living with self hate.

Wish I could rip out my skin,

cut my genitals  and cover my face

What makes you prejudge me till I die.

Life is ugly and so am I.


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Anguished Lullaby of Pain

escaping nightmares


These feelings are too ugly to write about.
These times are too awful to keep in memory

How dare I ask you to sleep.

Close yours eyes and wait.
I will sing you a lullaby of pain

Breathless weeping, vexatious faint

Firing neurons twitching brain

Lumping scorching jugular veins

Heart throbbing accelerated rate

Blaring headache itching ache

Contracted sight speech impaired

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