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Hello Depression

hello depression


Take a seat.

Shall we talk it over


Banging on my door, never wanna leave

Every now and then, you invite yourself in

to be seen, and take away my sleep.

Kicking everyone I love out.

Razing everything in my house.


I always knew,  you’re here to stay.

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sorry for living



sorry for being lonely

sorry for being bipolar

sorry for being sad

sorry for being depressed

sorry for being not special

sorry for being me


I , wanna die
I , wanna die

I am trapped

I dont know how to love life

hide, yes anywhere I wanna hide

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to everyone like me ‘ I’m tired.’


Dear,  I’m tired..

have the short end of the stick

most likely you know what Im about to say and don’t want to hear it.

or sit and lets have a bacon samwich together ^^

but that doesn’t mean we can’t have something beautiful with others  ^^

Humans only got each other on this planet.  That’s how we make differences and what we count as something that matters.

I can commiserate and feel sorry for myself as much as I want, but it will hardly make a difference.  I used to write back then things that can give me hope,   pain -vs- pleasure

In your post

“tired of being so self-absorbed”
The thing is we cant complain or we’ll sound self-absorbed again.
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Depression Happens – depressology



Cause and effect releasing chemicals depending on  what the brain focuses on.
If your sadness doesn’t match your reality; being sad for no reason is narrow minded stupidity. (angst kids)
You can similarly be dumb happy in an opposite way. (happy retards)

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need of love




Am I on your mind,   at any time..?

Because you’re on mine,   all the time.

Do I exist to you, anywhere?

What am I to you,  anyway?

How is this fair..  I’m in despair.

Here I am again, all alone..

What type of life am I living,

It feels wrong with everything missing.
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Sorry With a Lot of Goodbyes


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Each Time I Was Called Ugly



Call me ugly,

Please let me know it.

In my face, because I was happy


Call me ugly,

 Like I need it.

Say  it louder,

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It’s Understood That I Love You



It’s understood,  that I love you.

So I think

I heard those lies saying nobody is perfect.  cus,

Everything about you is,

 I love the way you are.  I even love your flaws.

I know love that doesn’t use love.

The talk, the share, the memories we spared.

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My now happiness

Im never going down.   I will just fall after..
When I fall, I will get up again..  Then fall harder..
Just to go up now! laughing, I might cry later..

Ethos Connot Be Good or Does Not Exist


There is only one physical principle that humanity explicitly works with in communication which is for humans to be equal and treat each other fairly.  The origin of that principle could have developed evolutionarily along the time to maximize the average possibility of each human’s survival.   However, interaction between humans is proved to exclude that principle.   That interaction can be present as the hidden interest in rhetoric communications done through ethos.

Communication is sending receivable information, and information is existence.

Beings interact with each other with objectivity and subjectivity.

Objectivity holds tangible information that can be communicated through a corresponding level of logos or pathos.

Subjectivity holds intangible information that can be communicated through a corresponding level of ethos.


Ethos cannot be used to produce better results to the environment when used to amplify pathos or logos.

Ethos cannot exist and be good simultaneously.


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