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It’s Understood That I Love You



It’s understood,  that I love you.

So I think

I heard those lies saying nobody is perfect.  cus,

Everything about you is,

 I love the way you are.  I even love your flaws.

I know love that doesn’t use love.

The talk, the share, the memories we spared.

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My now happiness

Im never going down.   I will just fall after..
When I fall, I will get up again..  Then fall harder..
Just to go up now! laughing, I might cry later..

Ethos Connot Be Good or Does Not Exist


There is only one physical principle that humanity explicitly works with in communication which is for humans to be equal and treat each other fairly.  The origin of that principle could have developed evolutionarily along the time to maximize the average possibility of each human’s survival.   However, interaction between humans is proved to exclude that principle.   That interaction can be present as the hidden interest in rhetoric communications done through ethos.

Communication is sending receivable information, and information is existence.

Beings interact with each other with objectivity and subjectivity.

Objectivity holds tangible information that can be communicated through a corresponding level of logos or pathos.

Subjectivity holds intangible information that can be communicated through a corresponding level of ethos.


Ethos cannot be used to produce better results to the environment when used to amplify pathos or logos.

Ethos cannot exist and be good simultaneously.


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To Beat a Hangover: Exercise + Pizza

I was drunk af in that clip

… but it’s funny what I do to beat a hangover xD

Are You Really “Good Without God”?




I have a younger sister who pretty much turned agnostic/atheist  by the age of 14.  It kinda of shocked the heck out of me, slightly worried about her vulnerability at that age but I was a kind of proud of her skepticism.   I explained few things she asked me in a better way and told her to clear her mind of that for now until she grows up few more years, but didn’t interfere in her belief still at all.


I think if you claim that you are good without god, then you’re just as delusional as a believer  who think there is a god. Read the rest of this page »

(Disgusted, Dirty, and Angry) The Rejection Vibes of The Discriminated/Categorized




The phenomenon originates when a claimed well-intentioned action passively causes a miscommunication of discrimination due an ignorant analysis of a seen or displayed, behavior or social style.


Discrimination is many types all form a nasty pack.  Because they preemptively define humans’ worth using presumed relations, they function similarly ( gender, race, class, physicality, disability, religion, beliefs, colors, ethnicity, social behaviors, sexual orientations, emotional connections, adopted, loners, environment  etc…)    each may exist separately.   Individuals mature out of this grouping and generalization behavior for all its types all at once, i.e. all develop at same time because they all make the same package.  Otherwise,  peer evaluation stays as active as their brain cells and is rotted by a rate and disastrous energy moods justified by the functions each discrimination type is connected to.   For example, gender sexism excites many functions: visuals, aesthetic, sexuality, emotional, survival..etc.   The brain frontal loop will happily accept the existing presumed package of info instead of creating a new one,  so that the brain is now “comfortably” able to manipulate, whether wrong or not, larger amount information regarding its target.

So this paragraph says in short that if you discriminate, then you don’t think of others, but only of yourself and the functions of how to use others.



Who they are:

Any unprivileged/unfairly-treated groups or individuals in general, over a period of time:

(classes, genders, physicality, bodies, ability/disability, colors, ethnicity, religious, sexual orientations, adopted, loners …etc):

Whose attitude may seem to refuse sympathy/help from others.


– Disabled people who refuse or are infuriated if you tried to help/sympathize with them.

– Old working people if you left them a tip. Read the rest of this page »

still alive?


Crying on bed, thought I had something to say. 

I opened this tap, realized that no one cares.
I was to rehearse the same broken tape.

No power to protect anyone or money  to change anything.

No goal, no faith.

I’m not insane but can’t be active yet

This blog feels like the most useless thing I’ve ever done,

yet the most honest.   The mockery of my existence.

silent to myself



I look around, do things and waste time just to escape how sober and lifeless time is.

My memory is broken, and my conscious is a mess.  My inside screams are mere background noises.

Moving muscles , fading thoughts,…  nothing is gained, nothing is changed, and repeat..
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Miss You Old Friend!



Hey there I wanted to tell you, that same here baby I madly miss you.

You left just before the time I would let my mama see you.
Please tell me if you could remember.

Maybe a week or so; my nights were getting longer.

I did not celebrate my birthday; neither slept that December.

I spent it writing notes;  next to sleeping tablets.

that’s me;

Laughing  at memories alone like stupid.

Crying rivers about the chances I wasted.

I was an addict, to your love, I was addicted.

Your love is in my heart, still in place, never shifted.  

Btw I really miss you.  when can we talk about it?

born lonely


This guy next to me wears the same shirt everyday.

This girl  in front of me keeps talking.     I wish I tell her to shut up.  Just shut up.

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